Update to COVID-19 Vaccination Policy beginning May 18, 2023 

As of the conclusion of the Spring 2023 semester, on May 18, Bristol Community College students and employees no longer need to provide proof of vaccination as a condition of entry, participation, enrollment, or employment. This means that students attending Summer 2023 and Fall 2023 semesters will not have a vaccination requirement. We will also no longer require proof of vaccination from contractors or at community events. Specific groups of students and employees may be required to be vaccinated against COVID-19 as a condition of their clinical or external placements.   

Although we are lifting this requirement beginning May 18, we will remain vigilant in monitoring health guidance and practicing important safety measures including: 

  • Wearing masks or face coverings indoors at any Bristol Community College location when COVID-19 transmission rates are high.  
  • High-quality masks will continue to be available at college entrances and at Campus Police.  
  • Rapid COVID-19 test kits will continue to be available at all campus sites. Click here to learn more about testing resources. 
  • Strongly encouraging our community members to stay up to date with their COVID-19 vaccinations and boosters.    

Please click here to read the statement from the 15 Massachusetts Community College Presidents regarding the COVID-19 vaccination policy change.