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The National Offshore Wind Institute (NOWI) was developed to provide strategies to accelerate and support the next generation of workforce and supply chain for the wind energy sector.

The NOWI focuses on workforce development initiatives that are demonstrably relevant to career pathways and that accelerate development of the offshore wind industry in the United States, guided by industry stakeholders.

We are ready to meet the workforce needs of this industry for Massachusetts, New England, and the United States.

Bristol Community College’s National Offshore Wind Institute or the NOWI will provide the Offshore Wind Industry and its supply chain with a one-stop-shop for all the trainings and certifications for their workforce. 

NOWI will offer a comprehensive array of required training, ensuring the workforce has the skills, competencies, and certifications required for careers in offshore wind. Specifically, the NOWI will offer Global Wind Organization (GWO) training modules that provide required and needed training.



NOWI Provides Comprehensive Workforce Support to the Offshore Wind Sector

NOWI’s Industry Training Program will offer a comprehensive array of required training to ensure the local and regional workforce has the skills, competencies, and certifications required for careers in offshore wind industry.

The NOWI will offer Global Wind Organisation (GWO) modules needed by the offshore and onshore wind developers, and other companies related to offshore wind.

The GWO training modules will include: GWO Basic Safety, GWO Basic Technical, GWO Advanced Rescue, GWO Enhanced First Aid, GWO Blade Repair, and GWO Standard Slinger Signaler/Rigger Signal Person.

Bristol’s NOWI has partnered with Maersk Training, bringing its long-term expertise to ensure the most effective and efficient training experience for you and your company.




For More Information, please contact:

NOWI icon  Jennifer Menard, VP Economic & Business Development

NOWI icon Dr. Alan Lowdon, Director of Strategic Development, National Offshore Wind Institute


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